Thursday, January 20, 2011


Starting the new year off with a whole new age is kind of fun. It always makes me reflect on my blessings of the past years. This time I came up with a lot, 24 infact. So here are the top 24 highlights of my life, or shall I say blessings:
1. Being born to goodly parents
2. A magical childhood in Oakley
3. Christmas vacations in Mexico
4. Belonging to two wonderful exteneded families
5. Experiencing a family band
6. My membership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
7. Wonderful highschool friends
8. Moving away from home
9. Marrying Todd (*Thanks to our dear friends Adam and Kenzie)
10. Learning to live on next to nothing with Todd :)
11. Graduating from college
12. A belated Hawaiian Honeymoon
13. Getting a "real job"
14. Traveling to Europe
15. Buying our first home in Oakley
16. Remodeling
17. My first positive pregnancy test
18. Quitting my "real job"
19. Giving birth to Atticus
20. Teaching violin and guitar from home
21. My husbands employment through a rough economy (truly blessed)
22. A rekindled friendship
23. Good health
24. The blessings of being a mother

Life has been so good to me. I see the Lord's hand in everything our little family has been given and I am truly grateful. I am grateful for my friends and family that made this birthday a special one! Nothing like thoughtful cards and gifts from loved ones, a homemade birthday cake, a relaxing pedicure, a long day of skiing,an evening of shopping without complaints from your husband and a homecooked meal from mom on your birthday! Love you all.

Monday, January 3, 2011

4 Years and counting.....

Todd and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary on December 27th! Pretty amazing. Chris and Lizi joined us seeing how they were celebrating their 3rd the day after. We tried out the infamous Ruth's Chris.