Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Home Makeover

So here is a long overdue post. We have taken a major break from remodeling since we had Atticus, and just dove back in last weekend, painting the kitchen. But below is some work we did pre-baby.

The picture above is the original nursery. Our bedroom basically looked the same.

And here is the new nursery! I think Atticus loves his room, which was finished just in the nick of time. Technically it is actually not finished, there is a mirror that goes on his dresser we still need to refinish. But compared to what we have done, that is nothing! My paint selection always worries Todd, but in the end I think he is happy. I love the color in Atticus's room. It is called Mermaid's Net, which fits. Jane and I agree that the ultimate job would be naming paint colors!

Many wee babes have slept sweet dreams in this crib! It originally belonged to my cousin Whitney, who is now 24. (Can you believe we are that old Whit?) I think atleast 5 babies have slept in it since. Kind of fun, I think!

This is our new bedroom. It originally looked just like the other one with white walls and nasty old tan carpet. Literally every square inch of our bedrooms have been remodeled. It was a lot of work, but I am so happy with the finished product!

Oakley is a winter wonderland right now and it is so beautiful. This is the view out of our back door. I am loving winter this year. Part of it is having this sweet baby boy to just sit inside and snuggle with, and not feel guilty about staying indoors. The other part is that my yard is covered up with snow, hiding the loads of yard work we have coming our way this spring. There is an endless checklist of projects around this house! I don't know if I could buy an older home again, just because I know how much work it is to turn it into something you want. It exhausts me just to think about it. But I am SO glad we bought this house. It has been an adventure and I have loved putting our sweat and tears into it and seeing the outcome.
***And a shout out to Jane, Abby and Kati. Thanks for being Todd's construction crew while I was pregnant (and plump, Todd wanted to add). You were a huge help! I was just huge ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 Months...Already?

So....I swore to myself I wouldn't only talk about my baby on my blog. So far, I have failed miserably at that goal! I promise Todd and I are still alive and doing well. Atticus is so much more fun though, and twice as cute to look at! All I have talk about regarding me and Todd would be our house flooding and more construction on our house. Nothing too interesting. Soon enough, I will get some pictures of the newest remodels going on, but for now, I want to talk babies again. Somehow, it has been 2 months since Atticus was born. Crazy. He now weights 11 lbs. and is 23 inches long.

This baby boy has beautiful eyes.

Let's be honest. Motherhood isn't always a bed of snuggles and sweet noises. I don't know how I got this picture, but when I found it on my camera it absolutely cracked me up. Just imagine the sound effects to this picture ;)

I love being a mom.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do you need a love?

You've come to the right place. Atticus is such a snuggle bug. I love it! He has started smiling and cooing to himself, sooooo adorable. Baby sounds are seriously the sweetest sounds on earth, and in heaven, I am guessing!