Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh no... I've been tagged!

So now that a few of my friends have tagged me, I guess it is time I do my duty as a fellow blogger and join in the fun. Apparently I am suppose to tell 6 unspectacular quirks about myself and then tag 6 friends to do the same. So here it goes. ( OH, and by the way, if you know more of my silly quirks, feel free to remind me of them in a comment! Since I got married I am suddenly much more aware of my quirks and it is kind of fun when someone points it out.)

1. I have come to realize I have a serious love-hate relationship with sPiDeRs, SICK I KNOW! Words can't describe how disgusting I think they are, and yet, if someone says, "Eww, a spider!" I am the first one there to look at it. Then I shiver and rant and rave about how sneaky and revolting they are. It drives Todd crazy because rather than just letting him kill it, I have to come and express how SICK that is. Why do I do that to myself?

2. I am absolutely fascinated with tornadoes. I hope to witness one, a big one, someday. (Maybe I will feel differently afterward!)

3. I am cursed with a little thing called homesickness. When I was little I would cry when my dad went to work and when my parents went out of town I would do naughty things like cut up my mom's clothes because I was so angry at her for leaving me. ( Me, do naughty things, I know it is hard to believe :) I don't think I voluntarily had a sleep over until I was almost 13!

4. I sleep with a hot rice bag almost every night. There is nothing more wonderful. Infact, I just barely threw away the rice bag Eden made for me in like, 3rd grade? Seroiusly, it was so old but one of the best gifts I have ever been given.

5. I have been SELF-diagnosed with mild hypochondria. I realized this when I took a Human Diseases class and I went home after each class seriously stressed out and convinced that I had every disease we learned about. Good thing I have a logical and patient husband who convinces me regurlarly that I don't have that disease or that, "babe, that is totally normal, your fine." Ha ha!

6. I am turning into my mother (or in other words, slowly losing my mind, in a good way!). Those of you who know my mom's quirky side, know that I am headed down the same road. For example, today when I had just finished teaching a lesson on child abuse in a 6th grade class, I grabbed my bag and was looking back and waving bye to the kids on my way out the door. As I turned around and the door closed behind me, I realized I was standing in their supplies closet. HA HA, I had walked right into their closet and shut the door behind me. I could only laugh as I opened the door and walked back into the classroom full of giggling students.

So there you have it, thank goodness for each of our quirks, it makes life so much more exciting! I tag: Debbie Crowther, Mandy, Amanda Daniels, Eden, Michelle Harries and MeKenzie!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Good as New!

One of our goals before we moved to Salt Lake was to refurnish the bed set that Todd's grandparents handed down to us as a wedding gift, (yes it has taken 1 year and 7 months to get to this project. Can you believe we have been married for that long!) It was a lot of fun, seeing how it was our first time ever doing this. We decided to do a cream paint, sanded on the edges with a brown stain on the top, which you wipe off before it drys so it just makes it look a little off white and old. Todd was my sanding man and repair man. He is fixing the gashes in the wood in this picture with wood putty (I never knew it existed.) Here is what it looked like originally:

The first time I painted it, I did the white and then used a mahogany stain over the top. The ladies at the paint store didn't remind me that mahogany comes from very red wood, which meant that when the white paint mixed with the hint of red in the stain, it turned out a beautiful baby pink! So cute... if we had a little girl. But Todd wasn't exactly thrilled with having a pink bed set so I had to start over. In the end, it turned out beautiful! For the most part, it was a lot of fun spending days and nights in the garage painting together. (Minus the few arguments that come with marital bliss, like when Todd kicked over my last can of paint...sigh). My vision is to have this furniture in a room with darker walls some day because in our current room it is a little washed out, but oh well. We also painted our bed board and night stand but I didn't take a pictures of them, but it looks really good all together.

So a quick word of advice, NEVER throw out old furniture. Older furniture is made so sturdy and is such high quality furniture, it will last forever and there is always a way to modernize it and make it more you. And besides that, it is cheaper and there is just something so satisifying about fixing up something and making it good as new!