Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We have a walker!

We may be nearly 16 months but we finally decided to walk! And he finally is getting more than 4 teeth. We have been a little behind in those two departments, making me feel like I still had a baby, but having this little person walking around my house suddenly makes me wonder where my baby went! It is so cute though. Don't mind me...it was a Saturday morning. It is only appropriate I am still in pajamas with no makeup on! He is the star here anyway!

I love his little head bobble midway across the room. It was a good save!

One of his newest tricks is to fold his arms for prayers...oh and slap his bare belly!

I know to some people, they look at a post like this and think "ya ya, I am so sick of moms thinking their kids are so special! All kids do this stuff!" But it is such a different story when you witness this little being from before birth grow and develop. Every new word, movement, understanding is a miracle in your eyes!