Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Todd!

So I am a few days early but I won't have time to do this on his real birthday, which is Saturday June 20. He is turning 26, seriously? So old! I just wanted to list 10 reasons why I love Todd.

1. He is so in love with me. I realize that sounds conceited, but I love that Todd loves me. I love that he wanted to date me bad enough to hang in there through multiple break ups. I love that he wanted to marry me so much that he proved he would do anything for me. And now I love that he loves me enough to look past my flaws and still want to make me as happy as possible. It is the best feeling to feel so loved!
2. Another reason I love Todd, he makes me laugh and usually he isn't even trying to. He has a great sense of humor but he also has a cute personality. One of my favorite recent smiles he put on my face was when we were shopping and he revealed to me in all seriousness that one day when he retires, he wants to work at a sample stand in Costco!
3. Todd has a humility about him. He has nothing to prove. He isn't above anyone or anything.
4. Todd is always the first to apologize.
5. He is a hard worker. He comes home from work and starts to work on our house. He enjoys accomplishing things.
6. He is a handy man. In the last few months he has shown me some skills I didn't know he had like cooking, plumbing, tiling and much more. (If you ask him he will tell you everything he knows he learned from working at Lee's Deli ;)
7. He is patient, specially with a pregnant wife. The other day I started making cinnamon rolls and I got so angry with my sticky dough I nearly lost it! He came into the kitchen, calmed me down and saved the day! Who knew he knew how to make cinnamon rolls?
8. He is an optimist. He keeps a smile even when he has a right to be put out or sad. He finds a way to laugh in situations I am usually more tempted to cry about.
9. He will be a wonderful dad. I love that he asks me to read to him about what is going on with our baby each week.
10. He is my best friend. Everything he does he does with me in mind. He has provided with me more than I could have dreamed of at this point in life. I love being with him. Everything is more fun with Todd.

Happy Birthday Todd!


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

Todd truely is pretty cool.

I love that Todd and Jordan secretly love each other.

Happy early birthday Todd!!

Christy said...

Oh my gosh Todd, you are so old! Happy belated birthday from Ryan and me.

Mandy said...

Well, it is a little late, but Happy Birthday Todd! We need to do something soon, if you will ever answer my calls Annie ;)

I love you guys!

Keenanonie said...

Happy Birthday, Todd! It was fun to see you two briefly at the Family Recital. Annie, that was so funny about your sticky dough. Something similar happened to us once when I was trying to make one of my first loaves of bread. The dough was so dumb and I was so mad I was going to throw it right in the garbage. I sulked away and Keenan came in and ended up turning it into a pizza!