Monday, November 30, 2009

The Change

Well, we are in the thick of the waiting game now, and I don't think I could be feeling more emotions at one time! I am guessing that having a second baby is very different. You kind of know what to expect by then, and you at least somewhat know what you are doing. And on top of that, "THE CHANGE" has already taken place. Incase you are wondering what that is, it is the thing everyone says to you before your first baby. "Oh, life is about to change, you have no idea!" I have to admit that statement is kind of funny to me! Mainly because, I do know my life is about to change. Isn't that why people decide to have children? And maybe there are only good things meant when people say that, which is what I hope they mean. But I have to admit I don't like it when people make "the change" sound like a negative one. I hate hearing people say things like, "You think you want him here right now, just wait two months. You will be wishing you could put him back!" Really? I think like everything else in life, it is what you make it. There is always a choice.

So a few things I have really come to realize during my pregnancy:
* My husband is even more amazing than I thought he was. Yes, it will be a change, but there is no one else I would rather go through it with.
*Next time around, I am going to enjoy the second trimester a little bit more.
* Babies are THE GREATEST BLESSING God gives us. It is seriously a miracle.

We'll see what the doctor says tomorrow. Please come on time baby, we are so anxious to hold you! You are so close, but so far away right now!!!!!!


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

hey remember how im coming to see you tomorrow? are you going to be busy having a child? we won't get there until like five. Ooh Ooh what if you are giving birth when we get there. then i could meet your baby! yay for babies!

Jared and Lauren said...

Don't you love the comments people give you! They think they are helping you but it only makes you mad! I'm so excited for you hopefully you hear good news tomorrow! Good luck!

Jenny said...

I've been wondering if he was here yet. Make Todd post at least one picture as soon as he's here! Good luck, I'm so excited for you!

Andrew and MeKenzie said...

You are so close and I am so excited for you! I hope you are feeling as well as you can and I am excited to see a picture of your cute little guy :)

Billie Jo said...

Annie, I am so excited for you to hold your new babe in your arms. There will NEVER be another moment like it. I love all three of my girls but I do have such a strong impression of holding Ellie for the first time. I could not believe she was a part of Tim and I. Being a mother is the greatest blessing in the world. I also heard you had moved back to Oakley and could be teaching violin lessons. Is this true? I am sure you will have your hands full in the near future but when you have a second I would like to talk about getting my daughter(s) started. Look me up in the phone book. We are the only BUTIKOFERS:) Good Luck!

Deb and Chad Crowther said...

I hear ya! I think I'll smack the next person who tells me how much my life is going to change. Ugh!! But you seem to have a much better attitude about it than I at least hope people are meaning it in a good way. Me, I just assume they are being negative. lol!

Brad and Barb Cahoon said...

"The Change?" Well let me just tell you Annie, you and Todd will NOT want to "put him back" after two months. Adding children to your lives is a blessing not to be taken for granted, and I can tell you already feel that. My kids make my heart bigger every day!

It will be fun to be a great aunt again very soon, when "He is Here" really comes true :)