Monday, May 17, 2010

Bon Appetit!!

This amazing fruit tart was made by my friend Lizi. Ok, I helped beautify it by putting some fresh fruit on it, but I am just the sous-chef. She is the real deal! If you don't own her mom's cookbook, you need to! I truly don't know how I lived without. It is filled with the most simple, but incredible recipes. I promise you will love it!!! If you buy it, I will let you know what recipes have been my favorite so far. More than anything I love what she stands for in her book. She is all about getting families back to the dinner table. She makes you feel capable of being superwoman, getting everything done in your day and still having a fabulous dinner ready when your man gets home. She has a theme night for each day of the week, and on each recipes she has some great conversation starters to have with your kids. Going by the 2 week meal plan really does help you save money too. I am so glad she put forth all the effort to make her cookbook, because I truly love it!

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Eden said...

Cute hair cut Anne. Looks like fun!