Friday, February 4, 2011

Isn't it ironic...don't ya think

Me joining a book club would be like Todd joining Weight Watchers...highly unlikely and almost contradicting. Not that there is anything wrong with book clubs, or Weight Watcher's. It's just if you don't swim, it's not natural to join the swimteam, you know? is the ironic part. One of us did join the club. I won't leave you guessing which one of us it was.... me. I joined a book club.

I don't read. I could count on my one hand the number of books I have VOLUNTARILY read in my life. (School can't count.) The irony in that is I LOVED every single one of those books and finished them in no time. So why don't I read? Good question. All I know is I have 378 pages to read in the next few days before the big gathering. Intimidating. I have forewarned the gals about my dillemma with joining a book club and they all swore they wouldn't kick me out if I didn't get the books read in time. We shall see. If they do, I guess I will join Atticus in his book club.



Lara said...

Oh I hope you have fun in your book club. I would LOVE to join a book club, but have never had the opportunity. Maybe someone in my new area will have one. Or I guess I could start my own, but having never been in one I wouldn't even know where to start. What book are you reading?

Giselle Rasheta said...

Annie, you are funny. :) I assumed that you were a big reader because when I was walking jealously through your beautifully renovated home, you had "To Kill a Mockingbird" in Atticus's room. I figured you named him that because you love reading, and that book was a favorite. Haha. Well, I'm excited for you. That sounds so fun! I actually love reading, and I never do it anymore - I'd love to have some reason to really read again. Have fun.

And if not, Atticus's group looks fun, too!

TODD + ANNIE said...

Lara, we are currently reading The Help, which I am enjoying. And Giselle, that is funny that you noticed that! I am guilty, I have not read To Kill A Mockingbird, but I LOVE the movie, so yes, Atticus Finch was the inspiration.

Mandy and Brian said...

Hahahaha. And I tried to convince you for all these years... Didn't seeing me wipe tears away as I read Jane Eyre (I mean he's blind, is missing a hand, and she STILL loves him)inspire you? Ok, maybe that wasn't too inspiring, but I am glad at least one of us will be doing some reading for fun (it won't be me...I don't know why I thought that being an English teacher would give me time to read what I want to). Maybe now you can read that dating book I gave you for your 16th birthday (because it will be so relevant now).
Love you