Monday, March 16, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dates

Every dad should take his daughters on dates. Nothing can make a girl feel more special than a night out with her dad. A few days ago Todd and I went out to dinner (something that has been happening more frequently due to our kitchen makeover, pics coming soon!!), and there was a little girl sitting behind us with her dad. The conversation went like this:
Daddy asks: I hope you are nice to everyone at school.
Daughter says: Oh, I am daddy. I am SO nice to everyone.
Daddy asks: What did mom pack in your lunch today?
Daughter says: Strawberries and a croissant. Oh yummy. Daddy, if you were a croissant I would eat you up in two bites!!!
Daddy: (chuckle chuckle and a big kiss on her cheek.)
That is why daddy-daughter dates are so important.


ann said...

That is so adorable! I love kids!

Christy said...


Keenanonie said...

Wow. She got strawberries and a croissant for school lunch!? Were they speaking with accents by any chance? ;)